creator from the blade , the squat blaster and multi functional system

The Rower is from far the best body workout and the most complete.

 At home or at the  gym,connect THE BLADE to our app to access workout. Beginners, confirmed, Hiit, race, strength...

The virtual training will help you to improve your technique and skills , following the best trainer exercices on THE BLADE and combine the total body workout to gain power, resistance, speed or loose fat

Create the best catch on indoor rower, THE BLADE have the highest resistance in indoor rowing that's mean the most possibilities.

Indoor rowing is an activity that allows you to train your whole body, from shoulder, back, arms, chest to legs and core, THE BLADE is the solution for a complete workout.

Rower enhance the neuromuscular system of coordination and develop the predisposition to all others sports.

THE BLADE include a wide selection of customized rowing and strength exercices. Rowing is the ideal activity, involve all the muscles and minimize the risk of injury.

It will increase benefits on strength, endurance, performance because your entire body is in continuous action, rowing keeps your heartbeats high, improve your cardiovascular efficiency.

The key to improvement is to gradually increase the magnetic resistance   by simply adjust the handlebar from cardio to power

THE BLADE is the first rower with adjustable length system to allow user to row or exercice in simple operation.

Very compact, quiet, smooth, easy to store, THE BLADE is the perfect multi-function rower designed for intensive training and completely save

The BLADE have the most powerful magnetic resistance that brings  you the best workout .

Easy to use and learn, avoid all injuries and pain on joins, back, knees. You can burn more than 600 cal/h on this Rower having fun in following the group less on tablet or phone anytime you want .

you can access thousand classes from beginner to pro from our app, from cardio to Hiit training or just row.  

Connect the app or web site to our classes for all

The Blade is so quiet and smooth , you can use it in the baby's room


L 210 CM  l 65CM  H 80CM


magnetic high resistance (1000NW)

smooth and quiet

easy to store

10 resistance levels

adjustable length

wheels for transport

connected display+ ant

group less/classes on app

patented in usa and eu

max user 180kg

adjustable length
up storage