visit us on both 1051 in IHRSA San Diego

   BODY ALIVE       

 creator from the blade , the squat blaster and multi functional system


the multi functional  system


we create a complete gym on 2sqm for gym owners or fitness lovers who need to get free weight equipment with real dumbbells sensations and good feeling but have no space

we study all the angles to maximize the benefits of convergent and divergent movement, when you train you focus on muscles not on joints pain!

no matter you work chest, incline chest or delt , you will have a complete range and natural path of motion.

the divergent pulldown target the lat exactly where it have to be and separate arms give you the perfect symmetry

our system have been tested and developed by real athletes and therapists , we make a perfect combination for a complete workout that will give your club a great value.

made with industrial grade , THE MULTI FUNCTIONAL TRAINER is a real good quality equipment at the right price including the adjustable bench