creator from the blade , the squat blaster and multi functional system

                                                     our story

We manufacture the best fitness equipment for your gym or your home. we create new machines like te Blade , the squat blaster , the multi  functional trainer or the new 360* handles and many more

our company was founded in 1995 ,started with a little gym and old fashion equipment , we know how to train and how to focus on muscle with the good movement, we learned to avoid join pain or injuries due to bad equipment, we start to study how to take the best of each machine and try to manufacture our own line.

we have traveled all around the world and visit a lot of factories and  meet a lot of engineers from every country and we still thinking that nothing can replace knowhow and feeling

now with more than 20 years of experience in fitness and help from many athletes, we can provide fitness equipment with the best movement and very competitive price.

We started to develop and produce our own product in 2014 ,we have now customers in all countries and we work with big brands

                                        HIGHWAY TO HEALTH - THE BLADE